Saturday, June 27, 2015

Chrissy's Tales: The Lecturer pt 2

"Get in" ordered a rough male voice wearing a clown mask. "Please
oo," I pleaded.
"Me na kpako pikin abeg ooo, am not rich oo!"
"Nwakaego Chibueze,we know who you are," and with that he pulled me
into the purple van.
"Blind fold her," the same man commanded. I was so scared.
"Arrrrgghhh!!" I felt a needle pierce my skin. Slowly,I was drifting
away into unconsciousness.

"Finally you're awake," Onyeka shouted. "Where am I?" I questioned.
"On your bed of course," she laughed.
"I was about to eat this soup all by myself."
"Onyeka, when did I get here?" She shrugged her shoulders, "You were
here before I got back. And by the way, you have some white stuff
under your nose.
" White stuff under my nose? "Onyeka, I was kidnapped earlier."
"Kidnapped?" she screeched.
"Nne it was Mr. Chukwudi of course, report him or I will." "Noooo" I
yelled. "He kidnapped me and I don't even know what happened, the
police will call me an idiot."
"You know what Onyeka, he must have seen me with Joshua at the rally
this morning."

On Monday, school went from horrible to unbearable. As I was on my way
to class,there were students gawking at me. Most of them were pointing
at me and whispering. I ignored them and continued to go my way. That
was when I saw a group of students looking at posters on the wall. I
pushed and shoved my way through students to see what was going on. I
almost vomited all over the floor as I saw what everyone has been
looking at.

There were pictures of me lying in the bed with five guys! In one
horrific photo,my head was lying in a pile of what was cocaine. In
other photos, all five guys and I were naked and doing the
unimaginable. Blood was splattered all over my legs. When I was
kidnapped, they raped me. Mr. Chukwudi finally succeeded in  ruining
my life.


It felt great to see Nwakaego's good reputation go down the drain. She
went from being the 'school sweetheart' to the school slut
overnight,thanks to me. I connived with Mr. Chukwudi to make her life
a living hell. She has always gotten everything that I craved for at
school. All of the lecturers like her,the hottest guys are crushing on
her and everyone else just wanted to be her friend. I believe that
it's my time to shine now. I am just so sick and tired of her and I
wish nothing but the worst for her.


"Nne you cannot afford to keep missing classes," Onyeka told me after
Day four of lying in bed all day. I haven't left my hostel since that
humiliating Monday. My reputation at school was officially
ruined,thanks to Mr. Chukwudi. "Why not,"I questioned. "If I leave now
I would be the laughing stock of Nigeria."
"No you won't," she lied.
"Onyeka" I screeched. "Did you forget that there were pictures of me
on the school board with naked men and cocaine!"
"Jeez,chillax nne, I'm sorry," she said, putting her head down.
"Biko, hapu maka ooo, I just want to sulk in bed."
"Ego you have to get up from this bed," yelled Onyeka.
"It's Saturday for goodness sake; let's go see an evening movie at the cinema."
"Onyeka, hapu maka ooo! Let me lay in this bed and die!"
"Nne don't talk like that, I'm sure what happened to you has died
down, you know universities have tons of scandals each time.

I rolled my eyes. I was tired of staying home.
"Okay Onyeka, let's go to the cinema."
"Yay," she squealed.
"Biko ooo, go and bathe, you smell like okporoko."
Onyeka called a taxi to come and meet us at school so that we could go
to the cinema together. It felt good to feel the fresh air again. I
loved seeing the street vendors hustling and the children playing. We
reached the cinema in less than twenty minutes.

As Onyeka went to go buy the tickets, I decided to go and ease myself
before the movie started. After I finished using the restroom there
was a tap on my shoulder. I turned around only to see a fully grown
man in the women's restroom. Before I could scream, he covered my
mouth with his hand. "Shhhh," he cautioned me. Then he lifted up his
shirt to show me his gun. "I wont hurt you," he assured me. "As long
as you cooperate." I nodded my head in agrement. He grabbed me by my
arm and we walked out of the restroom together.
"Look straight ahead, I don't want to see you glance at anyone," he
murmured. I did as I was told. Soon we made it out of the theatre as
if we were a couple.

We walked down the street until a white Lexus filled with some guys
pulled up in front of us; that was when he pushed me into it. We drove
till we reached our destination. It looked as if we were in the slums.
The buildings were old and dingy and the people that were outside
looked as if they haven't showered in years.

"Listen pretty," the same guy said to me as we walked into an abandoned house.
"If you don't do as we say, we will go to the village and kill your
poor family, do I make myself clear."
"Yes sir," I agreed.
"Bruno," he called.
"Yes boss," said the one called Bruno.
"Make sure the camera is ready," he ordered.
"Yes boss," Bruno said.
"Now take your clothes off," he commanded.
"Please ooo, please sir...
"Shut up and do it!" He interrupted.

I did as I was told. All of the guys including the boss brought chairs
and aligned them in a circle.
"Start dancing." He commanded.
"I don't dance" I said ernestly.
He showed me his gun again.  "Okay ooo, sorry sir."
Bruno was now recording. I understood clearly that this was another
set up from Mr. Chukwudi. "Okay boys that's enough."

Onyeka came into the abandoned house that we were in with a smug look
on her face.
"Onyeka what is going on," I asked.
"You're finally getting what you deserve," she replied.
"You walk around campus as if you're "perfect patty" I'm sick and
tired of you!"

I was beyond shocked. Onyeka has been my friend since the first day
that we've entered this school. I told her all of my secrets and
greatest fears. I thought she was really a genuine person, but I was
totally wrong.
"Put your clothes on," she snarled. "I will report you to the police,"
I yelled.
She laughed, "And who's going to believe you dear? My father has
brothers in high places if you know what I mean."

Without warning, I grabbed Onyeka by her hair and pulled her to the
ground. I punched her twice in her face, she screamed in ‎​agony as I
kicked her groin.
"Let me go," I shouted as one of the guys pulled me off her.

"Officer, they're in here!"
Mr. Chukwudi along with law enforcement came into the house that I was
taken to.
"Chukwudi what is going on?" Onyeka screeched.
"Miss Onyeka Daniels, you're under arrest. Whatever you say and do can
be used against you in the court of law."
The police officers handcuffed Onyeka and the rest of her gang.
"Chukwudi, what is the meaning of this? So you've turned against me
now?" Onyeka screamed at Chukwudi.
"I had no choice," he confessed. "That Okonkwo boy is very powerful."
"Boys take them all away," the head officer ordered.

"Ego are you alright?" Josh was standing before me with concern on his face.
"No but hopefully I will be. How did you know I was here?" I asked.
"Well," Josh started. "Even though you said that your lecturer wasn't
bothering you, I knew he was. Then after I saw those pictures of you
all over school, I knew that you were framed. That's when I sent my
boys to beat the truth out of Mr. Chukwudi then he confessed. They
planned to record a video of you then post it all over the internet,
exposing you to be a slut."
"I'm just glad you did what you did," I told him.
"Ego don't ever lie to me again though you know I care about you." And
with that he gave me a deep passionate kiss.