Saturday, June 27, 2015

Chrissy's Tales: The Lecturer

I used to love going to school. Education has always been an important
part of me ever since I was a little girl. In class I was always the
first one to raise my hand when the lecturers would ask questions. As
always, I would get the question right and not only that,I also had
ace in all of my exams.

I was known around campus for being the "smart chick." Not only was I
a "brainiac",but I was also considered a beauty. I was not the kind of
girl who dressed "over the top" with fashion but I preferred simple
styles. I didn't wear make up, I just wore my hair in braids. I never
wore skirts, dresses, or any tops that showed my cleavage on campus;
just cute shirts, trousers, and sneakers.

I was really enjoying life as a student until we got a new lecturer;
his name is Mr. Chukwudi. He isn't old and faded out like the rest of
our lecturers here. He is handsome, tall, muscular and chocolate in
complexion. Guessing his age, I would say that he is about 38 years
old. Though he is younger than the rest, he is more strict. He even
started a point deduction chart; If you missed any of his classes
without an excuse, that was an automatic 2 points off from the exam
(that he would later give). No one dared missing anymore lectures from
that class.

During the exam period, I studied day and night. I barely even ate;
after reviewing each material with my classmates, I was sure that I
would ace the exams yet again.

Two weeks later,after we have gotten our test scores back, I received
the biggest shock of my life. I failed Mr. Chukwudi's exam with
"flying colors". All of a sudden, the classroom was becoming very hot.
I couldn't breathe; I started sweating profusely.

"Nwakaego! Nwakaego! Nwakaego!" My best friend Onyeka was sitting
beside me trying to get my attention.

"Yes" I answered. She looked at me with deep concern in her eyes
"You're sweating like a pig and I have been calling you, are you okay?"
I didn't even answer her, I just looked back down at my exam. "What!
How can?" As I looked up she was hovering over my shoulder reading my
exam paper.

"Onyeka wetin na?" I screeched.
"It's a lie,"Onyeka gasped.
"Chineke me ooo! Tufiakwa!" I wish a hole would appear so I can jump in it.

"But Nwakaego, you've studied from dusk til dawn for these exams; what
"Nne, I don't know oo," I said to her.
"Baby girl you need to check with Mr. Chukwudi about this, maybe he
made a mistake."

I shrugged my shoulders and agreed. After class, I waited until the
last student was out of the room before I would talk to Mr. Chukwudi.

"Good evening sir," I greeted as I stood in front of his desk.
He looked up at me and replied,"Yes good evening Miss... "Miss
Nwakaego Chibueze," I told him.
"I know who you are," he said, licking his lips.
I started feeling very uncomfortable. "Ummm sir, I want to talk to you
about my exam
"Oh yes," he interrupted. "You did an outstanding job." I raised my
eye brows and asked, "So why did I fail?" "Because you have something
I want," he smiled. "And what is that?" I asked.
"Sit down," he demanded.
"Sir, I really have to go." I said

He gave me a sharp look then repeated
"Sit down!"
I quickly grabbed a chair and sat down. He walked over behind me and
kissed my neck,
"I have powerful connections sweetie, I can guarantee you a job before
you even graduate, just become my mistress" he said. I quickly got up
from the chair

"Sorry Mr. Chukwudi but I cannot do that."
"Well," he said, going back to his desk. "Then continue to fail this
course and you know without this course, you will not graduate."

"He said that?" Onyeka asked, outraged. I was feeling Onyeka in on
what went down between Mr. Chukwudi and I.
"Yes he did," I told her, before swallowing the akpu drenched in egusi soup.
"You have to report him nne, we are almost done with school and you
cannot stay another year!"
After swallowing the akpu, I replied, "Yes I know. Tomorrow morning, I
will report him to the Head of the school" I said.

The next day I was feeling pretty confident. I reassured myself that
everything would be fine after I report Mr. Chukwudi to the Head of
the school and that everything would stop before it gets any worse.

As I was on my way to the Head of the school's office, Mr Chukwudi was
in there! He was laughing and having a good time with the Head. My
heart sank. It looks like they knew each other very well.

As I was turning around to leave I heard a male voice calling my name,
"Nwakaego! Nwakaego!"
As I turned around to see who's calling me, my spirit rose a little.
It was my crush, Joshua Okonkwo. He is one of the most popular guys in
my school. Everyone on campus likes him and wants to be friends with
him because he is very well connected. His father is a business tycoon
and an aspirant for the governorship in the state. Joshua is also
very cute; he's fair in complexion and has a smile that would make the
sun look as if it's not shining. Even before I knew that he came from
a big family, I had a crush on him because he is just so nice.

"Hey Joshua wetin dey happen."
"I dey kampe," he replied. I smiled and hugged him.
"Girl you know I'm throwing a party this Saturday and I was wondering
if you would come to this one?"

As he asked me,he rolled his eyes. "Josh, is something in your eye," I joked.
"No," he said.
"Then why are you rolling them," I giggled.
"Because girl, you never come out to party with me."
I sighed, "Josh, you know that's not my scene."
"See that's why I like you girl, you're different," he confessed.

He smiled at me and rubbed the small of my chin. I almost fainted.
"It's my birthday this weekend, girl this weekend will be crazy!"
I rolled my eyes. "Happy birthday in advance."

"Did she just call me baby," Joshua joked. "Thou art holy Nwakaego...
"Hey Josh, I never claimed holy ooo" I cut in.
"I know Ego, just joking."
"Ego, that lecturer has been watching us for sometime."

As I turned to see who Josh was talking about, I stopped grinning. Of
course it was Mr. Chukwudi.  "Josh, I have to go now." I scurried off
before Josh could question me.

"Onye ara," Onyeka screeched as I told her how Mr. Chukwudi was
watching Joshua and I.
"He is a mad man biko."
"Nne," I continued. "He is also good friends with the Head, I saw them
laughing like buddies in the Heads office"
She shook her head while she added spice to the fish pepper soup she
was cooking.
"Just tread carefully Nwakaego, if they know each other, you should
know what that means" she added.

I nodded my head. I knew exactly what that meant...It was Friday
afternoon and I had a free period. One of my classes was cancelled so
I decided to stroll around campus before my dreadful 4pm class with
Mr. Chukwudi.

"Brianiac, why aren't you in class?" Joshua asked.
"Was cancelled Josh," I told him. "Good, today is my birthday."
"Oh Josh happy birthday," I gave him a big hug.

"So since you can't party with me with me tonight I was wondering if
you could..."Miss Chibueze," Mr. Chukwudi interrupted the conversation
between Josh and I.
"I need to speak to you for a minute."
"Sorry Josh, I have to go but happy birthday and I hope you enjoy." I
ran off again before he could say anything.

"Good afternoon sir," I greeted. "Save your greetings," he snarled as
I came before him. "Why do you insist on disrespecting me publicly?"
"I don't understand sir," I confessed.
"You know what I mean," he sneered. "You decline my request but you're
busy flirting with that Okonkwo boy, his father has power and respect
yes, but so do I."

"Sir,if this continues,I will have to report you oo," I said putting
my head down.
He laughed hysterically.
"To whom my dear? What part of 'I'm well connected do you not
understand.' I have brothers in majority of the universities here in
My heart sunk.
"If you keep declining my offer, I will make sure you remain here until I die."

Early Saturday morning I woke up feeling defeated. I went from
enjoying life to hating it. I got dressed before Onyeka woke up and
quickly left the hostel. I needed to stroll around and clear my head.
As soon as I left the school grounds, the city streets were busy. I
saw signs, T-shirts, and traditional outfits that read: "OKONKWO
2015". I didn't even know that Joshua's father was rallying this

"Ego! Ego!" I recognized the voice as my name was being called. Of
course,it was my crush. I tried to smile as he ran over to me. He was
wearing an "OKONKWO" T-shirt and matching pants as he came over to me.

"Morning Josh, hope you're enjoying the rally."
"Yeah." he confessed.
"I was meaning to ask you something Ego"
"Go ahead," I told him.
"He scratched his head before asking,"Ummm, is that lecturer bothering
you? I mean one day he was looking at us, then the next day  he was
around again."
"He's not," I lied. "Girl don't lie to me,okay?"

The last thing I needed was Joshua to get involved in my mess while
his dad is running  for office. I tried not to cry as I replied, "I'm
well Josh, he just tutors me."
Josh rolled his eyes. "Whatever girl, after the rally you should join
my family and I for lunch."
"I would love that," I confessed.

Throughout this morning I was with Josh, I'd forgotten about my
problems with Mr. Chukwudi and joined Josh and his family for lunch.
The Okonkwo family was pretty nice and treated me as their own. So
this is how Joshua lives when he comes home. I don't even know if you
can call where he lives a mansion, It was more like a castle. It was a
five storey house with 10 bedrooms and bathrooms. There were so many
security guards and maids. Even before you can come into their
compound, there were three check points. Mr. Okonkwo really wanted to
guarantee his family's safety.

For a billionaire family, they were so down to earth. I always expect
rich people to be judgmental and snobbish but that wasn't the case.
His mother and sisters wore bright smiles, just like Joshua's. Their
dad was cracking so many jokes.

I stayed until it was almost evening. I bade the Okonkwo's family
goodnight as I left their 'castle'.
"Why don't you let me take you home," Josh insisted. The last thing I
needed was for Mr. Chukwudi to be lurking around school and see Joshua
dropping me off.
"Josh, thank you but I need to walk after all, I ate so much."
Again, I sped off before he could argue. All of a sudden as I was
walking,a purple mini van pulled out in front of me.


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