Saturday, March 7, 2015

My Experience Series:A peep into the life of a broadcaster;my experience balancing career and family

My name is Yemisi Olufade,friends call me Missy;the hostess with the
mostess.I'm a broadcaster,into television and radio presentation. A
lady does not disclose her age, so I'd only say this much,I'm in my
early 40s.I'm married with two lovely girls. I love reading,listening
to music,travelling and watching movies.

I'm passionate about talking with people and also very passionate
about music. My turn offs are people who are not natural and down to
earth;in short,proud people.I love honest,cheerful people who are
sincere and can hold a good conversation

I will start by sharing my career experience. I have always been one
not to compromise my family for my job but being a broadcaster,it
wasn't easy,but I had to choose what I wanted the most so that aspect
won't suffer, while still keeping my job that I'm also passionate

The point I knew I would be a broadcaster was when I found out that I
was hungry to share what I have inside of me. I knew there were issues
to discuss and I wanted to be a part of reshaping the world. I finally
made up my mind to become a broadcaster after I finished from
university where I studied English Arts.

I started my broadcasting career with NTA channel 7,did six months
there then moved on to Channels TV,and I was so happy because it was
the best then and still is. However,I had no time to take care of my
girls who were still little by then.

I would resume work at 8am and the staff bus would take us back at
11.30pm,so I usually got home at midnight or after. This was at the
early stage of Channels when we were not working shifts. I was
producing 'Metrofile' and 'In the Newsroom'.

I did this for 7 months and my daughters were getting closer to my
sister who took care of them with her own two children. My hubby was
in Abuja working with DHL,so he didn't feel it much. To cut it short,I
noticed my daughters were calling my sister 'mummy' and calling me
'aunty' and it broke my heart.

Right there and then,I had to choose. I know how far I would have gone
in broadcasting if I had stayed on with Channels,but I had to choose.
I chose my daughters but still kept my career,though on a lesser
scale,as I opted for a government run station;Lagos Television(LTV)

At a point,I still had to make more sacrifices when I had to move to
Ibadan to join Splash fm briefly, before moving to BCOS,and now am
with Rockcity fm in Ogun state,just so my kids can have a better life

However,I have no regrets for my choice today. My girls are doing well
in OAU and we are very close, and I'm fulfilled. I didn't get all what
I wanted in my career but I still have my career in one way,and the
very best of my children in the other.

My typical day starts from the day before as I work on my topics for
my show. If I'm on a night show that
deals with issues of emotions,I do my research during the day and am
ready to go at night. If I'm on early morning shift,I work on my
materials and script the day before

At some point,I had to start making use of maids during the course of
my career and I had some horrible experiences, however,God was there
to intervene. I've had about four maids with two bad experiences.

One was caring,neat and could cook but later I discovered she used to
bring men to the house. Thank God nothing happened to my girls as
anything could have. I had to send her packing real quick.

The second one,I discovered that whenever she cooks,she usually takes
this particular handkerchief with her. One day while cooking,I sent
her on an errand;and she has never forgotten to take it everywhere
with her,but on this day she did. As I went to check on what she was
cooking,I saw the handkerchief and an inner voice told me to check
it,I did and low and behold,I saw a stone tied inside with serpent
eyes. I was first afraid but I prayed and took charge by flushing the
stone in the toilet,and at that point she came rushing in looking
ruffled. I asked her "what's the matter?" and she said "her
handkerchief,where is it?" I asked her what the stone was about and
she was shaking and said her pastor gave it to her,that "please,where
is it?" I called the woman who handed her to me and had her taken

As women,when we try to balance career and family,we mostly expose our
children or husband to the dangers of househelps. We need to find a
way round it so that as women,we don't lose our husbands to their
ploys or allow them injure our children,or demonize the family. We
must know what we want and go for it. Women should learn to choose
right cos at the end,what really matters is how well you have done
with the children God gave you.

It's been 12 years now since I've been a broadcaster and I must say
here that God has indeed been faithful to me,I bless God for his
mercies on my life and family.

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