Sunday, March 22, 2015

Why Married People Dont Wear Their Wedding Rings These Days

On thursday the 19th of march 2015,I was a guest on a show on Rockcity
fm. The show was kick started around quarter past ten in the evening
after the evening news was taken.

Yours truly was then properly introduced shortly after the presenter
had introduced the topic for discuss which bordered on why many
married couples weren't wearing their wedding rings/bands these days.

The presenter took the listeners through the history of the exchange
of rings during weddings which started with the Egyptians and Romans
then the americans later popularized the culture of exchanging diamond
engagement/wedding rings in the 1930s,and how it later caught on in
other parts of the world.

It was noted during the show that there has been a decline in the
wearing of wedding rings by married folks after the wedding ceremony.
After the initial excitement accompanying the exchange of rings during
weddings,newly weds usually flaunt their rings to the admiration of
all indicative of their new status, but some months or years down the
line in the marriage,they no longer put on their rings; the men in
particular are usually the culprits in this act.

During the show,the following
reasons were identified based on submissions made by the callers and
discussions in the studio,they are listed below:

1)Religious reasons: some religious sects frown at the use of any form
of jewelry including rings because it symbolizes idolatry,so adherents
of such sects do not wear wedding rings

2)many married men especially, don't wear their wedding rings cos they
want to create the impression that they are available when they flirt
with ladies;some feel less guilty when they are not putting on their
wedding rings as they flirt with other ladies besides their wives

3)some feel uncomfortable wearing their wedding rings cos they react
to the metallic material from which they are made of i.e they are
allergic to metals

4)some don't wear their wedding rings cos of the nature of
their jobs which prohibits the wearing of any kind of jewelry for
safety reasons e.g those working with moving machine parts and those
working with chemicals

5) some don't wear theirs cos of the fear of losing it or being robbed
since the rings are very expensive and valuable

6)some don't wear it cos they are following in the footsteps of their
parents who never wore theirs

7) some people into sports don't wear their wedding rings cos it gets
in the way of their game

8)some don't wear it cos of the nature of their finger which makes the
ring not seat well thereby slipping off often while for some its a
case of their finger growing bigger with time thereby making the rings
not being able to be worn without resizing or replacement

9)some don't wear theirs cos their spouses don't while for others they
don't do so cos their spouses are cool with their not wearing it

The presenter concluded the show by highlighting reasons why married
folks should start wearing their wedding rings. She noted that wearing
of wedding rings by married people is a reminder to them of the vows
they made to their spouses on their wedding day,that it is also a
of the love they have for that special someone they decided to get
married to,and wearing their rings is a show of commitment and respect
for their spouse.

There you have it guys,married folks are encouraged to wear their
rings,so spread the campaign #wearyourweddingringsmarriedfolks

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