Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Experience Series: My Online Dating Experience With A Prisoner

Hi guys,this week I've a very interesting story with great lessons for
young people and even adults. It borders on online dating;the thrills
and dangers in it. Enjoy the story as I serve it to you hot as

I would like my ID hidden because this experience am about to share
does not have a happy ending,at least not yet,and some bitter
experiences are involved. As a young teenager that was just growing up
back in the day,using a phone was a dream come true for me. This was
because my parents wouldn't let me have my way and do what I
wanted,for example,I was not allowed to have  a boyfriend nor given
the privilege of attending parties like my peers. But with my
phone,life was beautiful as I had opportunities to make convenient
friends on my phone and it felt comfortable. I met a lot of people who
later became my friends through such platforms as fun chat and radio
shows,which wasn't a bad thing.

In my quest to get a boyfriend and be like my peers, I met Frank on
one of those platforms . He was a cool guy who had my time and gave me
maximum attention; which was all I wanted back then. He schooled in
the southern part of Nigeria. I'd just left secondary school as of
then,so I was free and had a lot of free time to spare.  We'd text all
day and call each other at night courtesy of extracool; I was really
happy.I used to wonder how he had so much time for us to talk
considering the fact that he was a university student but I overlooked
this cos I thought that he was just being loyal.

One day he told me he had something to tell me.I was like...ok say
it,I'm listening but he said he would tell me during our usual night
call. I had to wait till night to hear what he had to tell me. I was
thinking he was going to say he wanted to come visit me where I was
staying since we were yet to see,so I was really hopeful.
Night came and he called as usual, and we got talking, I asked him
about what he wanted to tell me.
Hmmmmmmmm...He couldn't say it. He tried and it wasn't easy for him. I
got angry and told him to talk. He finally did. Omg!!!!! My sweetheart
told me he was in jail in one of the nigerian prisons. I told him I'm
not in the mood for jokes,he said he was serious,but I didn't believe
till he proved it with
pictures and some stuffs that had happened in the past,and I was able
to link it and it all made sense. I cried the whole night and I was
scared too cos I've never
talked to a prisoner neither did I know how it felt,so I told him we'd
talk the next day because I'd spent the whole time crying,my head was

The next day we talked and I asked him a million questions that were
running through my mind. Well,he told me that in his 1st yr in the
university,he got himself into a wrong company of people,a fight broke
out one day in which someone died in the process and he is the only
one facing the judgment for murder. He said the other guys had
powerful links and were able to get away without being charged to
prison. He was just unlucky to be at the wrong place at the wrong
time.I asked him how many years he had left before he'd be released,he
sadly replied that it was a life sentence. We made plans to see but I
couldn't just get myself to make the effort till I left Nigeria.
You'll be wondering how he came about a phone in prison,well it's
Nigeria and people know how to get these things in,though it's illegal
to have one.I started talking with him close to six years now, though it's 

been ten years he has been in prison. All emotions I had for him before the
revelation turned to pity and a hunger for his freedom. He is well
known to my family and church members now, and we continuously pray to
God for mercy so he can be released cos he was just unlucky to have
gotten into trouble due to bad company. He has become a pastor working to 

win souls for God in prison. I do keep in touch with him through calls and I 
also encourage him not to lose hope.

This is a lesson to those who keep online friends,please treat them
well cos you don't know what they are facing where ever they may be
and also be careful of the kind of online relationships you keep because
some are with deceitful and fake people

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